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Congrats on all the hard work you have achieved by far! NPL will help you reach a higher and a more advanced level. Here is how NPL will help you:

Lesson Length

​Starting from 8 years old

45 mins to 60 mins/lesson

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100% Customized Lessons

  • ​Students are exposed to as many different music genres as possible: classical,  jazz, contemporary, etc.

  • Students are introduced to a deeper level of music theory to help you understand your music with different angles.

  • A very detailed practice plan is designed to fit your progress of the music—which will let you know how to organize practice at home precisely. 

  • Piano technique workshops are held regularly to address specific technique issues and concerns.

Performance Class

Same-level students get together to play and share every the other month. Coffee, tea, and refreshments are provided! — prefect time to perform and learn from others!'s totally free!

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Practice Support

Each student at NPL receives a 24/7 personalized practice video (very specific on the practicing points) after each lesson. Parents and students don’t have to worry about forgetting lesson content anymore!

​ NPL Students Performance

Performance Opportunities

  • Each student at NPL has many performance opportunities including recitals, festivals, and competitions throughout the year.​

  • As a Steinway Educational Partner, each NPL student has at least two formal recitals throughout a school year.They include, but are not limited to, NPL Performance Exam, MTNA-Sponsored Festivals, Prague Summer Piano Festival, and nation-wide competitions.


Student Performances

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