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The goal of NPL is to help all students develop their music talent to the maximum. Dr. Stacy Li applies a well-rounded approach that covers all different elements of piano learning. All lessons at NPL are tailored to each kid's musical background, study goal, and learning pace.


For beginners:  starting from 7 years old  

               (30 mins/lesson)

For mini-beginners: staring from 4-6 years old

                           (15-20 mins/lesson)

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Piano Technique​

  • Correct piano posture — this is the foundation to all the levels;

  • Techniques fundamentals: finger positions, wrist,how to relax, body motion,etc.

  • Music memorization: benefit brain development in youth and decelerates its deterioration with age.

Music Thory

  • Music reading: staff, clefs, note names, rhythms, key signature, and dynamic marks, etc.

  • Music Analysis --- help them understand the music they are playing or hearing more deeply. To prepare state theory exam or other exams. (Please see the Exam section for details).

  • Sight reading --- to train them to learn the new pieces more easily and quickly.

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Practice Support

Each student at NPL receives a 24/7 personalized practice video (very specific on the practicing points) after each lesson. Parents and students don’t have to worry about forgetting lesson content anymore!

Performance Opportunities

  • Each student at NPL has many performance opportunities including recitals, festivals, and competitions throughout the year.​

  • As a Steinway Educational Partner, each NPL student has at least two formal recitals throughout a school year.They include, but are not limited to, NPL Performance Exam, MTNA-Sponsored Festivals, Prague Summer Piano Festival, and nation-wide competitions.

NPL Piano Studio Student

Student Performances

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